«Тебе надо увидеть, чтобы поверить» 2016 : Андрей Кравчук
«His bravery captivated a nation; his passion destroyed an empire; his spirit could never be broken.» 2009 : Марк Махон
Тайна истории - история тайны 2008 : Андрей Борисов
«Stories from the States» 2008 : Роланд Тек
«The Winner Takes All... And More.» 2008 : Пол Брюлс
«When You Don't Have a Chance in Hell You Got A Chinaman's Chance!» 2008 : Аки Алеонг
«Freedom means everything to me... Taking my life is not the only thing I can do, it is the right thing» 2008