«One woman's journey in which she struggles between her own moral conscience and the manipulations of her loved one's.» 2008 : Дэвид Ландри
«The rise and fall of two ambitious doctors struggling with the motive of empowering their own personal fame and vanity» 2008 : Djamel Bennecib
«Some rules are destined to be broken...» 2008 : Кэтерин Гриффин
«Terror Is Relative.» 2008 : Geoff Redknap
«A Detective, a junkie, a gun and nothing to win.» 2008 : Jason Neudecker
«Kylie needed a hero, until she became her own.» 2008 : Джонатан Роббинс
«If you can't find it in here, maybe it doesn't exist!» 2008 : Kurt Kuenne
«Shift your focus.» 2008 : Elyse Couvillion
«Escaping is better when you remember where you are going» 2008 : Samantha Newton
«Helluva way to make a paycheck.» 2008 : Серджо Пинейро
«A mental institution patient relives the pains of her past as she seeks eternal Solace» 2008 : Olumide Odebunmi
«Being Arthur Collins means never having to say you're sorry.» 2008 : Jon Barr
«Revenge Is Mine» 2008 : The Shammasian Brothers
«Every Man Has His Breaking Point» 2008 : Matthew Del Negro
«A dead-pan comedy about the communication gap between father & son.» 2008 : Келли Л. Кинг
«One plays for pride, the other his life» 2008 : Christian B. Bagger
«If you only look to the past you can't see what's right in front of you...» 2008 : Lisa James-Larsson
«Who Will the Truth Set Free?» 2008
«How far would you go for love?» 2008 : Tomás Fernández-Calvo
«Bad Behavior for the Good of the People» 2008 : Брэд Босли
«Fast, efficient, delicious!» 2008 : Сьюзэн Метцгер
«In one wild night of cars, boys, and lasting memories two sisters will find that a sister can be the best friend you already have.» 2008 : Dannikke Walkker
«When she leaves the room, you know you've been had.» 2008 : Bobby White