«The Strangest Vengeance Ever Planned!» 1958 : Орсон Уэллс
«Suspense around every curve!» 1958 : Герд Освальд
«It's Kill or Be Killed!» 1958 : Ирвинг Лернер
«A Mystery Revised... A Master Remembered! (1996 Restored Film Premiere)» 1958 : Альфред Хичкок
«A trail of perfume...and violence!» 1957 : Пол Вендкос
«One Will Die Tonight!» 1957 : Ховард В. Кох
«Are Mental Patients Turned Loose too Soon?» 1957 : Abner Biberman
«Don't see it unless your nerves are bullet proof!» 1957 : Дон Сигел
«He was no ordinary killer... She was no ordinary victim... This is no ordinary motion picture!» 1956 : Budd Boetticher
«Suspense as startling as a strangled scream !» 1956 : Фриц Ланг
«James M. Cain's scorchingly frank expose of the operators behind big-city graft» 1956 : Аллан Дван
«25 steps down into a subway and for the first time he doesn't come home that night.» 1956 : Альфред Хичкок
«The strangest request you have ever heard makes the most startling picture you have ever seen!» 1956 : Питер Годфри
«...Like No Other Picture Since Scarface and Little Caesar!» 1956 : Стэнли Кубрик
«No Punches Pulled! If you thought On The Waterfront hit hard... wait till you see this one!» 1956 : Марк Робсон
«Thrills jolt with the burst of gunfire!» 1955 : Bruno VeSota
«Blood red kisses! White hot thrills! Mickey Spillane's latest H-bomb!» 1955 : Роберт Олдрич
«The Story Behind The Terrifying 60-Day Hunt For Desperado 'Mad-Dog' Earle!» 1955 : Стюарт Хейслер
«Her Soft Mouth Was the Road to Sin-Smeared Violence!» 1955 : Стэнли Кубрик
«Exposed in LIFE, LOOK and THE SATURDAY EVENING POST! Now the year's greatest screen sensation!» 1955 : Фил Карлсон
«He was a guy who marked 100 men for death - until a blonde called 'Angel' O'Hara marked him for life!» 1955 : Льюис Аллен