Роберт Уолкер
Robert Walker

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«When your past becomes a present... Terror will reign.» 1988 : Stephen M. Kienzle
«If you can stand more than 100 jolts of 100% pure terror, then you might be ready for 'Terror in the Aisles'.» 1984 : Andrew J. Kuehn
«Sentenced to 23 years-and he won't accept one day of it» 1980 : Том Клегг
«Who lit the fuse that tore Harold's world apart?» 1980 : Джон МакКензи
«GENE SINGS: The Thieving Burro...Pancho's Mother...There's a Goldmine in Your Heart» 1953 : George Archainbaud
«Based on the Thrilling novel and Saturday Evening Post serial by Luke Short» 1951 : Ричард Торпе
«Gene and Champion Ride To Glory!... as the range echoes to the stirring strains of the great cowboy ballad!» 1949 : Джон Инглиш
«It's Aces High... In Rockin' Sockin'... Swingin' Fun!» 1945 : Ray Nazarro
«The story America will never forget!» 1943 : Тэй Гарнетт
«MR. and MRS. MINIVER together again» 1943 : Мервин ЛеРой
«Screen comedy so gay... drama so thrilling... love so exciting, it will be the talk of YOUR town!» 1942 : Джордж Стивенс
«Breath-Taking Battles For Fabulous Gold!» 1938 : Элмер Клифтон
«Speed demons grin at destruction for a single smile from a blonde!» 1937 : Lambert Hillyer
«Fly with the world's fastest airman...in the ace of chapter play thrillers!» 1937 : Спенсер Гордон Беннет
«a Craig Kennedy Thriller In Fifteen Chapters» 1936 : Альберт Херман
«A Thundering Action Drama Of The West!» 1935 : Гарри С. Уэбб
«Gripping action blazes...As The Pecos Kid Brings Justice To A Wild West!» 1935 : Гарри Л. Фрайзер
«The Indomitable Courage And Fatal Feuds Of Redskins And Pioneers!» 1935 : Гарри С. Уэбб
«BUCK... the star of western stars, bringing you his newest and best of fast-action dramas! SILVER... the screen's wonder horse, running, dashing and leaping in his most amazing escapades!» 1935 : Рэй Тейлор
«Alive with western adventure!» 1935 : Бернард Б. Рэй
«Packed with startling and unusual adventures!» 1934 : Гарри С. Уэбб
«A whirlwind of action!» 1933 : Алан Джеймс
«Romance rides in a drama of thundering hoofs and blazing guns!» 1933 : Арман Шефер
«Singing six-guns that sang a song of death for the gang that was out to frame him!» 1933 : Алан Джеймс
«Kazan -The dog that outacts a man!» 1933 : Спенсер Гордон Беннет
«A 100% ACTION Picture» 1932 : Джон П. МакКарти
«Reckless and romantic» 1932 : William Nigh